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Maine NextGen Matching

There are tax benefits and matching grants available to Maine taxpayers who invest in a NextGen college savings plan.  Too many Mainers who could qualify for the NextGen matching grants are leaving that money on the table.  There seem to be an especially large number of families in the Lewiston-Auburn area who aren’t taking advantage…
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Maine Property Tax Fairness Credit

Photo of 384 Court Street Auburn, ME 04210

Maine income tax returns saw a number of changes for the 2013 tax year, including a major revision to the state’s property tax refund program.  In the past, taxpayers needed to file for the property tax and rent “circuitbreaker” relief on a separate application from their income tax return.  For 2013 and later years, that…
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Marriage, Income Tax, and Obamacare

Living together for an extended time without marriage is an increasingly popular choice in Maine, but the decision to marry or not to marry can have significant financial consequences.   Marriage in the United States provides a number of economic benefits that couples don’t get when they choose to start and raise families as legally…
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Pine Tree Development Zone Income Tax Credit

Pine Tree State

Businesses that have been approved for Pine Tree Development Zone (PTDZ) status by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development are eligible for an income tax credit designed to eliminate their Maine income tax on the additional activity that results from expanding their operations in qualifying industries in Maine.  This can be an extremely…
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Pine Tree Development Zones

Pine Cones

Maine Pine Tree Development Zones were originally select regions of the state where businesses who opened or expanded and added quality jobs were able receive special tax benefits.  The program has since been expanded to apply throughout Maine, although there are still two tiers of Pine Tree Development Zone.  The benefits are available for five…
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