Albert E. Bergen, CPA

Storm Extends March Deadline for Some

Calendar-year S-corporations and partnerships who would have had a March 15 federal filing due-date have been been granted additional time to file for an extension, if they were affected by Winter Storm Stella.  Form 7004, which S-corps and partnerships use to request an additional six months to file their returns, would otherwise have been due on Wednesday, March 15.  For those impacted by Winter Storm Stella, those forms will be accepted through March 20, 2016.

Forms 7004 filed on paper from March 16 through March 20 should have “Winter Storm Stella” written on them.

I’ve not seen any information to indicate how or if the IRS is verifying that the taxpayers requesting extensions during this time were, in fact, affected by the storm.  It seems highly unlikely to me that anyone in Maine or the northeast who requests an extension for their S-corporation or partnership within this brief extended window would have their extension rejected.

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