Albert E. Bergen, CPA

Reminder: FAFSA filing season has changed.

Just a quick reminder: The filing period for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is ongoing and started October 1. This a big change from what most of us remember from our college days.  Back then, the FAFSA would be completed early in the calendar year with information from the preceding year’s tax return.  For those with complex tax returns, it was often necessary to use estimates, and then update the FAFSA when the return was actually filed.

The current FAFSA filing period began October 1 and the FAFSA should be completed using information from the taxpayer’s 2015 tax return.  Since the extended due date for individual tax returns was October 17, substantially everyone should now be able to complete their FAFSAs in one sitting, without the need to use estimates and correct it later.

Source: Homeroom: The Department of Education’s Official Blog

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