Albert E. Bergen, CPA

Maine Tax Professional

Albert E. Bergen, CPA is a certified public accountant and income tax professional in Auburn, Maine. Albert has been preparing federal and Maine tax returns for individuals, businesses, and non-profits since 2005.  He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Maine a Master’s of Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting from the University of Southern Maine.  Albert E. Bergen CPA provides income tax and accounting services to clients in Lewiston, Auburn, and the surrounding towns.

A Maine Tax Practice

Albert E Bergen, CPA isn’t just a tax practice located in Maine.  It’s a Maine tax practice at its very core.  Mr. Bergen began his career working for a small, boutique-style firm in Falmouth where he worked on a very large portion of the firm’s business returns.  When later came to work for a firm in Auburn and eventually opened his own tax practice, Albert remained focused on helping Maine businesses and individuals reduce their income taxes.Photo of 384 Court Street Auburn, ME 04210

When tax law changes at the federal level, the Maine legislature doesn’t always update Maine tax law to include the changes.  This can create a headache for small business owners who need to keep track of different rules for federal and Maine tax purposes.  By always staying current on both federal and state tax law, Albert E. Bergen CPA makes it so his clients don’t have to be Maine tax experts.

There are special provisions in Maine tax law that also affect individuals when they prepare their individual tax returns.  The Maine Educational Opportunity Tax credit offers generous tax savings for qualifying student loan payments.  The Property Tax Fairness Credit helps low-income Mainers pay their property taxes.  There are exclusions for retirement income, credits for child care expenses, use-tax on some items, and many other special rules built into the Maine rules.

Between federal tax law that changes all the time, and the special rules that apply to our state tax returns, it pays to have a tax professional


Income Tax Preparation

  • Individual – 1040 / 1040A / 1040 EZ
  • Businesses – 1065 / 1120 / 1120s
  • Estate & Trust – 1041 /  5227
  • Non-profit – 990, 990-EZ


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