Albert E. Bergen, CPA


Tax-Advantaged Plans for Doctors

Tax-Advantaged Savings for Doctors Doctors and other high-earning professionals can be some of the most challenging clients to find tax savings for.  Their incomes are too high for them to claim a lot of common deductions and credits, but because that income comes in the form of wages, they don’t have access to all of…
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Marriage, Income Tax, and Obamacare

Living together for an extended time without marriage is an increasingly popular choice in Maine, but the decision to marry or not to marry can have significant financial consequences.   Marriage in the United States provides a number of economic benefits that couples don’t get when they choose to start and raise families as legally…
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Accountant licenses on desk

When it comes to selecting a tax return preparer, it is important to understand his or her credentials.  Albert Bergen is a Certified Public Accountant licensed as both an individual and an accounting firm to practice in the state of Maine. Maine CPAs need to complete 150 or more college credit hours, including at least…
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Obamacare for Maine individuals

The Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) is  set to take full effect beginning in 2014.  Maine didn’t set-up its own health insurance exchange, so Maine taxpayers who who want to buy an individual plan that might be eligible for the Obamacare tax credit must use the federal exchange.  The Obama administration claims that the…
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Amended Returns

Sometimes a tax return  which has already been filed needs to be changed or corrected.  The forms filed to correct income tax returns are called amended returns.  For individuals or married couples, they consist of a form highlighting the changes for the IRS (called a 1040x) and a corrected individual tax return (form 1040).  They…
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