Albert E. Bergen, CPA

  • Maine Tax Professional

    Maine Tax Professional

    Albert E. Bergen, CPA is a certified public accountant and income tax professional in Auburn, Maine. Albert has been preparing federal and Maine tax returns for individuals, businesses, and non-profits since 2005.  He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Maine a Master’s of Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting…
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  • IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

    Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status represents a middle ground between an installment agreement and an offer-in-compromise. Installment agreements help taxpayers pay their tax debts over time.  Offers-In-Compromise are used by taxpayers who might never be able to pay off their tax debts, and may permit them to settle them for a reduced amount. Currently Not…
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  • Unclaimed Property

    Unclaimed Property

    One of my favorite personal finance websites – – recently did a brief story about unclaimed property and mentioned This is also one of my favorite sites because I’ve been able go on to it and find unclaimed property that’s belonged to clients, friends, and family members. Even my own parents had unclaimed property…
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  • Keep Real Estate Out of Your Corporation

    Keep Real Estate Out of Your Corporation

    Including the wrong kinds of assets in a corporation can be an expensive mistake. Things that are worth more over time, like investments, collectibles, and especially real estate, should be kept out of a closely-held corporation.  This mistake costs more for C-corporations than for S-corporations, but even  S-corps should be cautious about what assets they hold.  Business real estate…
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  • Maine NextGen Matching

    Maine NextGen Matching

    There are tax benefits and matching grants available to Maine taxpayers who invest in a NextGen college savings plan.  Too many Mainers who could qualify for the NextGen matching grants are leaving that money on the table.  There seem to be an especially large number of families in the Lewiston-Auburn area who aren’t taking advantage…
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